The Student Nurse Chronicles: Volume 1, Edition 1: My Life is Over!

Source: via Yves on Pinterest

Source: via Yves on Pinterest



One week ago, I was excited. I was giddy. I was at the beginning of the next leg of my journey. One week ago, I officially took on the title of Student Nurse as my first semester in nursing school began.  And that title, I felt was a badge of honor. I’d made it, selected out of a pool of hundreds of applicants. I’d received my first clinical site choice. I was feeling pretty good…

One week later, I got hit with some hard realities about the title of Student Nurse.

1.     This is not a game! I repeat, this is NOT a game!
Our first week reading materials consisted of six chapters. Yes, you read it right. Six chapters.  I’m used to having a chapter or two to read that first week of class, but six? Say what now? Our first test would be in two weeks? Hold up, what do you mean we have to complete lab hours outside of the lectures and the clinicals?

2.     There will be tears.
We were told that there would be some teary-eyed moments on this journey. However, I did not expect to become a babbling, crying fool five days in as I headed to my first clinical. I was tired, it was early, the patch that was part of the uniform had not been sewn on right (because I don’t sew), the watch I bought was too big, and I managed to smudge makeup on the collar of my scrub top. Plus, I hadn’t gotten through those six chapters yet. I knew I was going to have to step it up and step it up quick. Well, at least my hair was cute; I’d pulled it up and styled it into a bun called a “Cinnabun”.

3.     My  (social) life as I know it, is over.
I wanted to go to The Festival of Chocolate. Not happening. I have to study.
Go with the family to the Gasparilla Parade? No. I’ll be in Clinicals.
That Battle of the Bands event next weekend? Please see the reason I’m not going to The Festival of Chocolate.

I sat and talked with my husband and mother about what I wanted to do for my birthday in March. I thought it would be nice to have a Girls Night. Then I remembered, “I’m a Student Nurse. I have no life. There won’t be any birthday celebrations for a couple of years.” If week one was an indication of the next four semesters, I’ll be happy just to have the gift of sleep, and I might have to steal that.

4.     Invest in that DVR.
I pretty much determined that I’m not going anywhere near Facebook on Thursdays, since folks in my timeline like to talk about Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. I am grateful for  I will need that website come mid-May.

On the bright side, I’m glad that I’ve accepted the reality of such a title early on. This process is not supposed to be easy. When I graduate and receive my license, I’m going to be responsible for the care and comfort of people that are sick and injured. And as someone who has been among the sick, I really do need for the person responsible for my care and comfort to know what he or she is doing. Additionally, I appreciate the nurses who not only ensured my care comfort, but also encouraged me through their kind words and prayers as I got better.  They are one of the reasons I’m on this road. For me, remembering how well a nurse took care of me knowing the great responsibility that they have puts it in perspective.

With any dream or major goal that we take on, there’s going to be some tears. There’s going to be some sacrifice. You may be forced to juggle, prioritize, and multitask. But whatever journey you’re on, remember why you decided to take it in the first place and also what the end will look like.

For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required; 
— Luke 12:48 (AMP)


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