Just call me Ms. Pineapple Head

In all my combined years of being relaxer free, I never really had much of a bedtime setting routine. I pretty much just threw a bonnet over my head and kept it moving. To protect my twist-outs, I’d employ sleeping with my head on my arm, but that’s not always comfortable (especially when you’re experiencing some carpal tunnel-like symptoms).

Some time ago, I heard that using a method called the Pineapple could retain curls a bit longer. What is the pineapple, you ask? (I’m so glad you did, because I’m about to tell you) It’s a way to set the hair at night by piling the hair on top of the head, so that those curls, twist-outs, braid-outs, last longer than a few days. When I took my twists out a few weeks back, I decided to try this method, and I LOVED it. I was able to sleep like a normal person without my arm going numb! And I would take the hair down in the morning, and my hair looked almost like it was Day 1.

Here is what you need in order to try The Pineapple for yourself:

  • A satin/silk scarf
  • A satin bonnet (optional)
  • Satin pillow case (optional)

I won’t go through a tutorial on how to do the pineapple, but I will leave a few links to tutorials on how it’s done (be careful, YouTube tutorials can be addictive).

But, it’s pretty easy to do. Below are some pictures to my own pineapple and my hair from Day 1 to the 8th day (when it got all fuzzy)…

So, what do you think? Has this method worked to retain your hair styles longer? What else do you do to make the style last?


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