The Coexistence of Livelihood & Passion: A segue into my latest short story

I recently had a conversation with a man who worked as a personal banker. He was talking about how much he enjoyed cooking and then he said something that stuck with me.

“This job is my livelihood. Cooking is my passion.”

I’ll admit that I often wondered about keeping all the moving parts of my life in balance, particularly my return to school to become a nurse, my day job, and something I’ve been doing since I was about eight years old – writing stories. At times I thought I’d have to sacrifice one for the other (two). Or, that I had to find a profession that fed my creativity.  After the loss of my second corporate job, I made a great deal of effort to find something that would allow me some creative leverage, but also paid the bills. And when that didn’t work, I just opted to find something where I could work and be productive, because as one of my favorite Demotivators © said, I wasn’t being paid to believe in the power of my dreams.

Source: via Yves on Pinterest

I bought the above Demotivator to go on my desk during my corporate years…what can I say? I ♥ sarcasm.

Still, stories and characters would bounce around in my head and when I had some downtime, I’d write it all down. Because try as I might (and believe me I did a few times) I couldn’t cut it off. Being creative, is just who I am. Point blank period.

Talking with this man was my “a-ha” moment. That simple statement put everything in perspective – that it is perfectly okay to have a profession (ideally one that you enjoy and are good at) and have something that you are completely passionate about. Sometimes, the two can be combined, be it immediately or gradually. However, there is nothing wrong if the two run parallel together.

With that being said, I’m using this space as an opportunity to bring exposure to the thing I’m passionate about.  Below is a direct link to a short piece I wrote last summer titled “The News”.

Check it out, enjoy it, leave a comment about it…yes, I WILL quote Erykah Badu: “Keep in mind that I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my _____” (well, you know the rest)

The News – a short story
You can also access the link to the short story from the Creatively Juicy — My Fiction Corner page


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