What you lack, my dear, is discipline…

© Dana Rothstein | Dreamstime.com

© Dana Rothstein | Dreamstime.com

2012…what a year it was. I started off the year taking a break from all things social media, including blogging. Why? I was in the last round of my pre-requisites for nursing school and I wanted all of my attention there.  So, I cut it off knowing I was risking losing the small following I had built from blogging for a year. But, I wanted, no, needed to get through Spring 2012.

The semester ended, I made my application to the nursing program and tried to get back into the blogging and writing parts of my life. And I got myself in a rut. Lost my focus. The creative juices just stopped. So, I figured, I need to change it up. Maybe take this blog in a new direction (I know, said that before) Perhaps take the focus off of me and put it on other women who were in similar positions as me. You know, the undercover Superwoman types that were juggling the career, the marriage, the kids, the business, the ministry, the creative venture, getting that degree, so on and so forth. So, I created a new blog, new Facebook page and went about the business of putting it together.

And what do you know, it didn’t work! (Surprise, surprise) I never even posted. Major fail.

It wasn’t that it was an awful idea. It was actually pretty cool. People seemed really receptive to it. So, why didn’t it go anywhere? Simple, it was on me. I was not focused enough to follow through.  I had become listless. Simply put, I was not DISCIPLINED enough to follow through. I then realized that I needed more discipline in my life. Not just in my writing, but just in general. There was not a lot of focus or discipline in 2012. And trust and believe, it showed. My fall semester was atrocious. (I wound up dropping a class and barely made it through another.) I even became lax on the simple things like getting out the door in the morning. Fortunately, I’m blessed to have a job where I can be flexible with my time, but now that I’m no longer a pre-nursing student, but an actual Nursing student that is undergoing the training for a career change, I’ve got to get it together again. With a quickness. Not now, but “raht” now.

I know I can do all these things I envision. I can continue to work on my writing, school, my job, my marriage, my parenting, et cetera. The key word here is “work”.  With some planning, time management, and diligence, it can be done.  So, I’m going into 2013 ready to work. Let’s get it!

Nourish your blossoming spirit:

The appetite of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the appetite of the diligent is abundantly supplied.Proverbs 13:4 (AMP)

In what areas could you use a little (or a lot) more discipline?


2 thoughts on “What you lack, my dear, is discipline…

  1. Yves, I am so very proud of you for starting this New Year with a new vision, direction and discipline. This is going to be a banner year for you, my friend.

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