The filter…


Sarcasm (Photo credit: ManyLittleBlessings)

I recently came across a blog post on entitled 6 Reasons You’ll Never Be a Writer. I’d actually read it and commented on it once before, but it was a good refresher because a year ago, my issue was time. Matter of fact, time will always be a constant challenge for me  since my chances of being a career student are pretty high…however, I came across another challenge point:

You’re too nice.

On my day job, I see all sorts of confidential and personal info.  I’m going into the health care field, another area where I’ll be dealing with personal, confidential, and intimate info since I want to work in a hospital.  I’m also a wife and mother. All of this means that most of the time, I have to keep my filter on. What’s the filter? It’s my internal censor button that keeps those off-the-wall comments that regularly fly through my head either to myself or finds a way to say what I need to say in a tactful, respectful way.

Thing is, the filter has managed to spill over into my writing world, as well. This could potentially be an issue if I’m constantly worrying thinking about how others will perceive my little nuggets of fiction. I actually found myself thinking, if I would just write without the filter, what would I get?

I have a friend who happens to be a writer and she says that writing is like cheap therapy for her. I also find it to be cathartic. It also allows me to escape, albeit briefly, from all the other moving parts in my life. This should be the perfect area where I chuck the deuces to the filter, right?  Exactly.

I am probably one of the most laidback, flexible people you’ll meet. But there is this side of me that’s a little crazy…in a good way (I think). So, I’m willing to tap into that crazy, non-filtered side.  Will it shock people? Likely, the collective gasp I’m hearing is only in my head.  And since my overactive imagination sees a swarm of dropped jaws in response to something I wrote, I’m going to have to get over it. It is, after all, only in my head and likely not how it’s really going to be.

Now, does this mean that moving forward my posts and my fiction life will turn into your average reality show but in print, littered with vulgarity, showboating, expletives, and “oh-no-she-didn’ts”? Not really. I’m not a vulgar person by nature, so to go extreme left and do so is beyond crazy. I believe I’m just allowing myself the freedom to put all of me into in my writing. The sane and the questionable. The serious and the silly. The struggles and the successes.  English and Sarcasm.  The Agenda and The Random. The need to inspire and the need to be inspired. The woman on a journey.

So, here we go…oooh, this just might be fun…


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