Confessions of a lazy naturalista…

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I’ve worn my hair relaxer-free off and on (more on than off) for the past nine years and recently had to admit to myself that the reasons I relied on three basic hairdos (twists, the twist out, and my go-to afro puff) is that I was just too darn lazy to learn anything else. Especially once I had my son, I would cry about just not having the time and wonder just how all my kinky/curly sisters found the time to go through all these websites and watch YouTube videos on hairstyling, DC’ing*, pre-pooing**, product reviews, and the like. At first I thought, maybe they were new to the game – trying to figure what works and what doesn’t because for many of us, we’re going back to wearing our hair the way it grows out of our head after years of relaxing or press-and-curls. SN:I remember being kind of the same way nine years ago, hanging out on natural hair forums and researching, but I still was using the same three hairdos. I’d mastered them, I liked it, and it was well-received. I wasn’t trying to stray too far from what worked.

Then I realized something. These ladies are not new to the game (at least a lot of them aren’t). They’re taking advantage of something that just didn’t exist back in 2003 – the plethora of blogs, websites, products, and support that’s now available. Furthermore, these ladies have a vested interest in making sure their hair, regardless of the state it’s in (transitioning, newly natural, etc.), looks good. They’re actually putting in the time to find a variety of products, tools, and styles that works for them and their texture. And I was a lazy bum when it came to my hair.

So, just like anything we deem important, I decided to invest a little more time in the caring and styling of my hair. It may take me a few hours to go through the process, but it’s the same time I would put in if I were waiting in a salon. I may have to put a little work in before bed and when I get up in the morning for the maintenance…but wouldn’t it be worth it for walking out the door every day knowing my hair is not only healthy, but looks good?  It can be a confidence booster and there’s something that happens to your stride when you’re feeling confident. The head is up a little higher, the shoulders and back are a little straighter.

Now, will there be some epic fails? Of course! That’s part of trial and error. But it’s necessary to get out of my hair rut and I’m looking forward to the epic successes along the way. 🙂

*DC – deep conditioner
**pre-poo – a ritual to moisturize dry hair


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a lazy naturalista…

  1. Lord knows I’m lazy. I HATE doing hair. I didn’t like it when I was relaxed either. The best part about being natural is that I can do almost nothing to my hair and it will still look presentable. That’s why I end up with a puff or a 3 day old twist out. It looks cute, I feel good, and it took 37 seconds. LOL. I;m not one to watch videos all day either. So, until I get some motivation, this will be it for a while for me.

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