…fade to black

CANDLES © Oleg Ivanov | Dreamstime.com

These past few weeks in my final semester of nursing pre-requisites have been challenging. Taking on two science courses in addition to all the other moving parts of my life have indeed been arduous…and it is starting to show in my grades and in my ability to focus.

I’ve mentioned several times before about the competitive nature of my school’s nursing program. I really want get in the first time I apply and my pre-requisite GPA plays a MAJOR part in that. My prior degree and previous experience will not carry any weight in getting into the program. It’s a level playing field for everyone and I respect and like that.

I’ve been so blessed to be in the 4.0 club since my return to school.  However, after having my first tests in my classes, I began to question my ongoing membership in that club. Don’t worry, I’m not failing, but I’m not where I want to be.

As much as I would love to juggle everything, I’ve come to realize that I’ve got to make a few sacrifices. I have to trust that what I want (to work, go to school, and write) may not always be what is best for me. And I have to heed to that voice that is saying I need to suspend a few things for a while. So, this post is going to be my last for the next few months so I can concentrate on successfully completing my prerequisites and gaining admission into my school’s RN program.  I plan to return to regular posting once the semester is over.

So, I’m signing off (temporarily)…see you this summer!


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