Mix it up…

MORTAR AND PESTLE © Andrey Semenov | Dreamstime.com

If you’ve noticed, my last few posts have been fairly light-hearted whereas when I first started this blog, my posts leaned more to the motivational side. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t want my writing to be in a box. Of course this includes the way I blog. I’m not one-dimensional, so why should my writing or my blog be?

I’m not going away from those posts that are uplifting and encouraging. As I go through this process of making this career change, following my dreams and managing work and family, I often need the encouragement and sometimes we have to encourage ourselves and speak positivity and blessings into our lives.

But as much as we need to be encouraged and surround ourselves in positivity, we also need a good dose of fun and laughter. My particular sense of humor happens to run in the family, especially on my father’s side. When I’m around my aunts, uncles, and cousins, I know I’m going to have a good time. No other place can I be around so much comedy in one room. From the wise cracks to the smack talking to the mocking and the impressions, I have found that sarcasm is as much embedded into my DNA as my physical traits. I can’t cut that part of me off and it often creeps its way into my writing. I might as well showcase a little of it here.

So, this year, I hope that this blog not only keeps you lifted, but also lifts your spirits with the occasional laugh.


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