Take a bite…

CARMEL APPLE WITH BITE TAKEN OUT © James Insogna | Dreamstime.com

I am one semester away from making application for the RN program at my current school. Last semester, I showed A&P who was boss even though I juggled a kajillion things at the same time. Now, I’m ready to tackle A&P I’s twin A&PII and their cousin Microbiology. I find myself needing to dig a little deeper and channel my inner nerdy girl…but I’m not worried. Note I said worried, not cocky.

Cocky was my attitude the first time I tried to take A&P. But when reality hit (you have to study, duh), I took off running into a corner to hide from the shame of it all. I told others I didn’t need to be a nurse and that I was going to pursue my creative dreams. Yeah, I was trying to cover up a bruised ego. Or was it the bruise on my butt when A&P drop-kicked me on it? Maybe both.

So, now that I have survived endured one semester, I’m looking forward to this semester. Without all that ‘tude I had back in 2010. Why? Because this is my final semester taking pre-requisites. I’m a little closer to completion. 
Despite my slight detour (which actually helped because I now have a humanities course under my belt with the literature class I took) I’m “teenching” up just a little bit more to the end of this particular phase of my education and start of a new career. And for traditional students and non-traditional students (like me) alike, that’s something to be excited about.

True, success is usually measured by completion, but there’s nothing wrong with a little internal celebration of all the steps accomplished along the way. So, if there’s a goal you’re working on, take a moment to be happy about the smaller items completed. Don’t get frustrated over everything you still have to do and minimize or not acknowledge just how far you’ve come. Allow the smaller accomplishments to propel you to the end.

Like the saying goes…How do you eat a(n) elephant/whale/insert some other ridiculously large animal you probably won’t eat in reality here? One bite at a time.

Good, now go on and take the next bite.


Side note: I mentioned in a related post, Let’s Get Ready to Rumble, that I would post an update on my final grades from last semester…I’m happy to report that my membership in the 4.0 club is still active (whoo-hoo!)


4 thoughts on “Take a bite…

  1. Yolanda says:

    I needed that bit of inspiration this morning. Thanks for pointong out that the small steps are to be acknowledged as well as the big ones. You’re a rock star!

  2. Saniyyah S. Greene says:

    I glad to here someone else (besides me) saying, enjoy the process as well as learn from it! That’s good word!!

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